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[We’ll take care of all minor fixes and adjustments]


[We’ll run routine maintenance to make sure your bike keeps riding smoothly]

[Bike Fixing]

[We adjust any minor issues or problems]

[Repair Tires]

[We mend, replaced, and inflate tires]

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[We’ll replace any major part of your bike]

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[We make sure your tires are pumped up and ready to ride]

[Top quality Service In the bicycle Repair Industry]

[At Digilocity Bike Repair, we guarantee the highest quality of service or your money back. We are so confident about our services we know you’ll be highly satisfied. We don’t skimp on quality.]

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[Tire Repair]


[Chain Replacement]


[Daily Bike Rental]

[Even with regular maintenance & lubrication, most bicycle chains need to replaced about every 1500 miles, however, mountain bikes need bike chain replacement more often due to mud, dirt, and other debris speeding up wear.  At this point, a chain has been stretched and worn to a point where it causes severe damage. Luckily we take care of it so you don’t have to worry.]




Chain Lubrication


Chain Tightening]


[Chair Repair


Chain Replacement


Chain Loosening]