[About Us]

[We’re your #1 local bike repair shop. We’re highly acclaimed by the community and local bike lovers everywhere. We sell quality bikes and repair the bikes you love.]

[Our Story]

[Our doors first opened 15 years ago. Our mission was to fix and replace bikes at the highest quality imaginable. Today that is still our goal. We love restoring bikes back to their former glory and making their owners happy.]

[“I had a loose chain and was unable to fix it myself. Thankfully Digilocity Bike Repair took care of it and charged half of what the competition charges.”]

[- Robert Henry]

[“Great bike repair store. Friendly staff and great prices!”]

[- John Doe]

[Quality Guarenteed]

[At Digilocity Bike Repair, we guarantee the highest quality of service or your money back. We are so confident about our services we know you’ll be highly satisfied. We don’t skimp on quality.]